Four reasons to do it for real

1. Taking responsibility for your decisions makes you plan better

There are no free experiments in real life. The only difference between the paper helicopter experiment project and a real project is that the stakes will be much higher. Paying a small amount for each paper helicopter creates strong incentive to do experimental planning better, and you will learn much more if you take it seriously.

2. It saves you time

It takes 3-4 hours to draw the paper helicopter templates by hand (or using MATLAB, or some other plotting software). It is easy to mess up (for example, making a measurement error or producing the same helicopter twice) and it will take even more time to correct the mistake if it shows up later at the analysis stage. Consider opportunity cost - there is a better way you could spend your time!

3. The website is ads free

We do not track you or spam you. We do not show you ads or trick you into subscribing to some crap. Our priority is to make the website enjoyable and easy to use for anyone who wants to learn Design of Experiments through the paper helicopter project. There are no other means to keep the website running.

4. It will help us make the website better

The printable paper helicopter patterns have been available for free from 2011 till the end of 2019. It took a lot of effort to develop the website, and there are recurring costs to keep the website running. These payments will not make anyone rich but it will help us to maintain the website, and, if there is enough interest, may encourage us to make further improvements.

Thank you for your support!